The Tele-Check-In-conveyors PROCHECK of PROFLUSS will be designed according requirements of the entire system, situation inside building and the special demands of client. Using for Self-Bag-Drop can be easy achieved.

They are available as 1 -, 2 - or 3 - belt combination in form of a single or a double Check-In-Unit. Useful width of Check-In-line complies with the international requirements and the partly different national standards for air luggage to be conveyed.

The almost silent check-in conveyors of PROFLUSS with their modern exterior can be integrated into any realization concept of the airport terminal.

The type of belts are especially performed for using in check-ins. PROFLUSS uses only high-quality material, in hardly inflammable quality.

Technical DetailsValue
1 Drive power 0,30 kW per motor
2 Motor Drum motor
3 Conveying speed up to 0,60 m/s
4 Belt width 465 - 815 mm (in steps of 50 mm)
5 Usable width Belt width + 10 mm
6 Bag loading height 350 mm
7 Height to take-away according requirements
8 Total width Belt width + 200 mm (Single Check-In)
Belt width + 300 mm (Double Check-In)
9 Total length up to 3.000 mm (longer version on request)
10 Usabe load approx. 50 kg/rm
11 Air-luggage scale tested class III, OIML R76
LCD-Display(s) and panel to built in counter desk
Central unit incl. integrated power supply
Weighing platform incl. integrated load cells
12 Telescopic sledge all elements pre-assembled on telescopic sledge
in full function also with released/pulled-out sledge


→ Check-In execution without telescopic sledge
→ Access gate (also electro-magnetic)
→ Height control equipment (mechanical and electronical)
→ Interfaces RS232, RS485, Ethernet, USB etc. for air-luggage scale
→ Checking of telescopic function
→ Execution as Self-Bag-Drop SBD (Full version or in preparation)

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