PROFLUSS : Your Partner when it comes to quality !


Since 1996, PROFLUSS GmbH is located in Leichlingen, an address which is well-known in sector of baggage handling since decades. When it was independent company SR-Förderanlagen (previously Siemag Rosenkaimer) in former times followed by SRK Baggage Handling Systems GmbH where PROFLUSS was manufacturing partner to 100%, with beginning of year 2013 turnkey systems are realized in the world under name of PROFLUSS GmbH. The base for it is the experience on decades in manufacturing and designing / project management.
PROFLUSS is still one of the few companies in this sector, which produces almost everything in-house. Supported by competent and strong national and international partners, customer-specific systems can be realized for all purposes.

In addition to the baggage conveyor system also equipment for industry (pharmaceutical, logistics, etc.) are produced. Furthermore PROFLUSS GmbH manufact aluminium carts (roller containers), such as those be used by fire workers etc.. Those roller containers will be produced for a co-operation partner.