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The belt conveyors of PROFLUSS can be integrated into practically any material handling. Mainly on Airports, they will be also used in sorting and logistic systems.
They can be used as horizontal belt conveyors, inclined (ascent) belt conveyors or belt conveyors with slope and acc. to their constructions they have practically no limits.

Due to their unitized construction principle the PROFLUSS-belt conveyors can always be adapted to the system’s surroundings and demands which ensures an optimum use of the system.
The main element of any belt conveyor is the drive unit (placed at the end or on the middle of construction) with flange mounted gear motor incl. integrated tension unit.
According to drive execution (end or middle position), return unit(s) as well as in their length varying frame sections makes up the full conveyor. Welded steel supports serve as under frames of the belt conveyors which can be adapted to possible reliefs of the floor due to their screw-adjustable feet. If the surroundings and the function of the system make it necessary ceiling suspensions are used.

The type of belt used depends on the use of the belt conveyor. PROFLUSS uses only high-quality material, on request in hardly inflammable quality.

Technical DetailsValue
1 Drive Power 0,25 - 3,0 kW
2 Motor hollow-shaft mounted geared motor
3 Conveying speed according to its demand
4 Belt width up to 1.500 mm
5 Usable width belt width + 30 mm
6 Side guidances up to 1.000 mm height
7 Usable load approx. 50 kg/rm


→ parallel tension unit

→ monitoring of belt run

→ belt guidance with V-shaped belt profile

→ mechanical belt centering

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