Heart of this construction is a friction drive, which replaces the conventional drag chain drive. Advantage of this new drive concept is, beside the maintenance friendly execution, the very low noise.

The carousel PROSLOPE will be delivered in complete pre-assembled modules. The frame of each single module is made of high solid steel and aluminium-profiles.

The drive unit PRODRIVE can be implemented in any standard module, by which a total length (related to endless transport chain) up to 70 m could be realized. Carousels, which are longer, need a second drive.

Their bushings are made of high performance polymer. This grants a long life time. Same bushings are used for carriers of transport slats, minimizing variety of spare parts. The slat carriers are produced out of one sheet metal by most modern manufacturing. The PU carrier slats, produced in proven quality, are antistatic and flame retardant according to DIN 4102, B2.

The claddings will be delievered out of stainless steel or, if requested, out of lacquered mild steel.

Technical DetailsValue
1 Motor power 1,5 kW
2 Motor hollow-shaft mounted geared motor
3 Drive concept Friction drive
4 Conveying speed 0,40 / 0,50 m/s
5 Transport angle 25°
6 Frame width 1.500 mm
7 Length transport slat 1.200 mm
8 Chain pitch 250 mm
9 Standard height 450 mm
10 Dynamic load approx. 75 kg/m
11 Sound pressure level ~58 db(A)


→ electronical checking of belt in case of braking

→ electronical checking of wear and tear of transport chain

→ Internal covering in different versions

→ Working platforms

→ Bump protection

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